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Day of Blessing

The Day of Blessing is a Crusade for Christ.


While "Living the Word," 60 to 100 tons of life sustaining provision is given to the poor while the Gospel is demonstrated.

The Day of Blessing Crusades give opportunity to hundreds of like minded Believers to share the good news of Jesus Christ, live out their faith and walk in all of the promises that God’s Word has guaranteed. Volunteers are equipped to give while sharing the life-changing message of Christ Jesus, as well as the love of God to the poor in spirit in Appalachia, our country and our world.

 Day Of Blessing

The Day of Blessing events are held throughout the year in areas where large numbers of people are immersed in poverty.

Thousands of people attend the Day of Blessing Crusades. The large number of people and vast tonnage of food, toiletry items, gifts for children and clothing creates an exciting, high energy atmosphere.

Volunteer Groups from all denominations work together and the results take them deeper into their relationship with the Lord—to go beyond religion and discover the reality of the loving, merciful God we serve.

No matter where we live or what we do, God is using us to reach a dying world with His undying love and care.

Together, through the Day of Blessing Crusades, we are learning to live victorious lives based on the promises in God’s Word. The results are reflected in the faces of the poor as they receive the "Love that never fails."


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